Meet the RJR Construction Team

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Breif History

Randy Russell develops RJR Construction, Inc.

Over 25 years ago Randy Russell decided to go into the contracting business after may years running his own cabinet building buiness.

25 Years of eceptional work

With hundreds of projects done through the years, RJR Construction has developed a reputaion of doing exceptional work within the varity of projects it has done.

The great work continues....

Many of the employees of RJR have been witht he company over 15 years. they take pride in doing the job right.

A bit about our team...

Our team has a developed a fantasic rapport with its customers through the years and have a high percentage of returning customers. ...

As President and CEO Randy Russell has worked hard to develop the customer base of the company. His leadership and easy attitude have worked well with customers as well as the employees. He has never been afraid to take on a construction challenge and for that reason we have done some unique projects. His philosophy has always been to have full disclosure with his customers, always giving them full details in thier billing.

Randy is backed up by several long term emplyoees with a diverse base of expertise. Kathy Russell takes care of all the book keeping and accounting on a part time basis while she does the same for several other businesses. Long time freind of Randy, Kerry Camp has been a jobsite supervisor for as long as Randy has been in business. Russell Wilkinson has been with the company for 15 years. As a Project Manager/Site Supervisor he has been trained on Project Management and been able to work through some of the larger projects we have done. Tony Huntley started as a framing sub-contractor and wound up coming on board almost 15 years ago. He is the lead framer and has skills that are unmatched in the Industry. Nathan Arndt is the backup framer and has been with the company for as long as the others, he has become a valuable assest to the labor base of our company.

Along with all of our direct employees, we have developed a un-matchable sub-contractor base and many that we have worke with for as long as we have been in business. We could not have gotten where we are without some of our great subs.

Meet the RJR Construction team...

Here are some of our primary staff


Management Team

Randy Russell, President and CEO Kathy Russell, Lead accounting and office manager

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Supervision Team

Kerry Camp, Jobsite supervisor/IT guy Russell Wilkinson, Project Manager/ supervisor Jeff Odam, Jobsite supervisor

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The Working Team

Tony Huntley, Lead framer Nathan Arndt, Framer

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